34 Years Expired Instant Film

When a fine art and portrait photographer in Belgium got his hands on a box of large-format instant film that has been expired for 34 years, he decided to use it to take a portrait of a subject who was as old as the film. We know you’re curious to find out how the encounter went, so go ahead and read on!

Edouard Janssens, a fine art and portrait photographer who hails from Belgium, recently made a decision to start using large-format instant film to take art portraits with an “eerie” feel. To achieve this, he needed to get his hands on some pricey equipment: a Deardorff V8 8×10 mahogany camera, Goerz Dagor Gold Rim 305mm f/6.8 lens, and a rare Polaroid Land Processor to process the instant photos with.

Along with the Polaroid processor, the store clerk threw in a box of 8×10 Polaroid Instant film that expired in October 1978, as a collector’s gift. An idea came to him:

“… it just hit me. Why not try to produce an image out of this way outdated box and base my next photography project on it? … Someone born in October 1978 appeared to me as a logical choice. If it worked it would be the encounter of something considered dead 34 years ago with someone born at that precise time. A wonderful potential encounter.”

So, he took a gamble and loaded the film despite being unsure if the film will still render anything. For his subject, he chose a French-Russian actress who was born in the same month and year of the film’s expiry date. The video below details what happened before, during, and after the interesting encounter:


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