X Johor Bahru Camera Meet

Meet up with fellow analogue camera enthusiast and the people from FilmNeverDie all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Drop by, bring your film cameras and say hi!

Location: Johor Bahru, Exact Location TBC (check the facebook event page for more updates)
Date: 1st February 2015
Time: 0800 hrs

FilmNeverDie will be hosting the very first Camera Meet in Johor Bahru City Malaysia on Sunday 1st of February.

Activities during the day:
– E6 slide sharing/ discussion about analogue format
– potential model portrait shoot
– basic Polaroid SLR 680 camera handling
– Malaysian style “Mamak” camera talk
– Camera tips and tricks discussion session

There will be some free rolls of films and a Fuji disposable camera from Japan to be given away. Sponsored by FilmNeverDie Melbourne.

Entry is free, RSVP via Facebook.

For people out there who are interested in, using, or had used analogue film cameras, please feel free to join this event.

It will be a fun event and we hope to see you all there.

More info, click here.

One thought on “ X Johor Bahru Camera Meet”

  1. Hi
    I live in KL. I have many old ektachrome negatives as well as 35mm slides. Where can I get them printed, preferably in KL ? Hope you can help
    Best regards Richard

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