Instax SHARE SP-1 Printer – Print Smartphone Photos On The Go

These days, everything is instant photography, but no matter how many filters you smear onto that smartphone picture, it’s never going to have the wonderful feel of the photos a Polaroid used to spit out. But now you can approximate that level of satisfaction thanks to Fujifilm’s new Instax Share SP-1 printer.

Forget sharing pictures with your friends on the internet, the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 is the physical manifestation of Instagram, allowing you to print pictures from your smartphone as soon as you take them. The tiny, battery-powered printer uses Fujifilm’s photo paper to print full color photos from an Android or iOS app, and allows you to use filters and put extra information about when and where the photo was taken right on the paper, including serial numbering your photos so you know how many of them are around.

The Instax Share SP-1 has a built-in Wi-Fi radio and can turn itself into an ad-hoc hotspot. If you take a photo you’d like to see in real life, fire up the Instax Share iOS or Android app and connect directly to the printer and send it over. The printer will spit out the photo on 2 x 3 Instax film—the very same stuff used in the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic.

In the event that you’ve taken a photo of a group and you’d like everybody to take a souvenir, the printer has a built-in print again button. It’ll also add the date and time to the photo for you if that’s something you want.

Instax SHARE SP-1 now come with a pack of FREE film (10 sheets) in The Click Shop Online Store!

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