X Johor Bahru Camera Meet

Meet up with fellow analogue camera enthusiast and the people from FilmNeverDie all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Drop by, bring your film cameras and say hi!

Location: Johor Bahru, Exact Location TBC (check the facebook event page for more updates)
Date: 1st February 2015
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The MAMMOTH Camera of George R. Lawrence

Early on a bright spring morning in 1900 a large horse-drawn van arrived at the workshop of Chicago camera builder J. A. Anderson. His most recent construction, the world’s largest camera, was ready for delivery and it required 15 men to load it into the van.

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34 Month Long Exposure With A Pinhole Camera

A lot of cameras have the long-exposure function that captures movement in a picture over a small period of time, and they are known as hard-to-shoot photos. But what about a three year long exposure period? A German artist and also photographer, named Michael Wesely, has found out how to make photos with that long exposure. He was really interested in the urban construction projects in Berlin in 1997, so he used a self-built unique pinhole camera to capture the development. Continue reading 34 Month Long Exposure With A Pinhole Camera

Lomography Big Spender!!!

Hey Lomography Big Spender!!! We have something for you.

Spend over RM1,000 on Lomography Products in a single receipt and we’ll give away a FREE Diana F+ Metallic Blue flash + a FREE 35mm Mixed Film pack worth a total of RM268!!! Continue reading Lomography Big Spender!!!