Blackbird, Fly Toy Camera

One of the best toy cameras – The Blackbird, Fly is in short a Twin-Reflex 35mm Plastic Camera. It is unique for several reasons. Continue reading Blackbird, Fly Toy Camera

September Promo: Lomography Fisheye Baby 110

Pocket-sized cameras for fun, portable photography! Lomography’s line of 110 cameras is super easy to use and perfect for spontaneous snap-shooting. Cute and compact, these miniature marvels make it impossible not to take a camera with you wherever you go! Continue reading September Promo: Lomography Fisheye Baby 110

Limited Edition Maps Camera Collection

It’s in every Lomographer’s nature to want to wander and get lost in the sights and sounds of unknown places. Inspired by this irresistible urge to travel, we’ve designed a special set of cameras that depict the travel-hungry nature of our community. Continue reading Limited Edition Maps Camera Collection

Garage Sales – The Second Round!

We know you have been waiting for it. The Click Shop Garage Sales is here once more! Continue reading Garage Sales – The Second Round!

La Sardina DIY Edition

Itching to create your own camera masterpiece? The La Sardina & Flash DIY Edition is just what you need! Write on it, draw, paint or glue something on it—this wide-angle wonder will let your imagination run free! Continue reading La Sardina DIY Edition

La Sardina Guvnor

A city steeped in history and filled with amazing architecture, arts, events and fashion, London has always been a muse and an inspiration for Lomographers. So in a summer where the whole world celebrates London, Lomography is celebrating the London Lomography community with the launch of the La Sardina Guvnor camera. Continue reading La Sardina Guvnor

TCS Garage Sales!

Jaya One will be hosting Night Markets the first Ramadhan-themed market, inspired by the quarterly bazaar Markets@JayaOne. Continue reading TCS Garage Sales!

Multi-Lens Cam Fun!

Sometimes one just isn’t enough. Even 2 or 3 doesn’t cut it. If you want to immortalize time and tell a story at the same time, you’ve got to get creative. This is where the Multi-Lens Cameras comes in. With its four / eight all-seeing lenses telling a different story each, you’re sure to get an unbelievably unique perspective each and every time. Are you going to capture the moment or shot patterns for instant-art? Whatever it is, the multi-lenses camera is all you need!

Sometimes shooting analogue does not necessarily mean go expensive. If you have a slim pocket, go find a cheap plastic camera and have fun. Unleash the auteur in you and create your own mini moving masterpieces with each slice of the moment. Get your multi-lens wonder out now and start shooting!

Sample photo

Tips For Multiple Exposures

One of the best things about a Holga / Diana is that the shutter release is independent from the winding mechanism. This makes multiple exposures very easy to do. To take a double exposure, take your first picture, then instead of winding on after your first, immediately take another picture. Continue reading Tips For Multiple Exposures

Sweet Spring Treats! New Monochrome Edition Cameras

Spring signifies fresh, new things. And to celebrate this, we bring you three analogue cameras coated in mouth-watering cotton candy colors!
Get yours in the Online Store! Continue reading Sweet Spring Treats! New Monochrome Edition Cameras

34 Month Long Exposure With A Pinhole Camera

A lot of cameras have the long-exposure function that captures movement in a picture over a small period of time, and they are known as hard-to-shoot photos. But what about a three year long exposure period? A German artist and also photographer, named Michael Wesely, has found out how to make photos with that long exposure. He was really interested in the urban construction projects in Berlin in 1997, so he used a self-built unique pinhole camera to capture the development. Continue reading 34 Month Long Exposure With A Pinhole Camera

Camera strap DIY!

Hey cuties! I have a super easy [and extra pretty] DIY to share with you today from Pocketful Of Pretty. I’m absolutely in love with this and kind of want to make one for each of my cameras! Continue reading Camera strap DIY!

Lomography Big Spender!!!

Hey Lomography Big Spender!!! We have something for you.

Spend over RM1,000 on Lomography Products in a single receipt and we’ll give away a FREE Diana F+ Metallic Blue flash + a FREE 35mm Mixed Film pack worth a total of RM268!!! Continue reading Lomography Big Spender!!!

Say “Cheese!”

With necono digital camera, everyone will be captured with a smile. There is no need for you to say “Cheese!”

Obvious by its name and look, necono digital camera is in a shape of a cat (or, neco in Japanese). Its left eye is a lens and the right is a sensor. It allows you to take photos and movies like a cat is taking them. Continue reading Say “Cheese!”

Remember to Twist and Pull …La Sardina

Before you take your very first shots with La Sardina, you’ll need to load the camera with 35mm film. Some La Sardina Editions arrive with the lens locked. To prepare the camera for shooting with these editions, Continue reading Remember to Twist and Pull …La Sardina

The LC-A+ RL Silver Lake

Limited to just 1000 pieces, the luxurious LOMO LC-A+ RL Silver Lake celebrates the craftsmanship and heritage behind the LC-A+. It comes adorned in genuine brown leather and packaged in a specially designed wooden collector’s box. Continue reading The LC-A+ RL Silver Lake

Cross processing

Cross processing (sometimes abbreviated to Xpro) is the procedure of deliberately processing photographic film in a chemical solution intended for a different type of film.

Cross processing usually involves one of the two following methods: Continue reading Cross processing

Project: Camera of the Day!

We love analogue cameras. So do you!

In order to celebrate analogue cameras, we are launching the Camera of the Day project. It’s really simple, every day we’ll feature a random analogue camera on our facebook page  in our Camera of the Day photo album. So do check out our facebook page daily for new updates. Continue reading Project: Camera of the Day!

Get a result that brings out a yellow/gold effect

Here’s what you can do. If your redscale film is at ISO 400 or even ISO 200, you can set down your camera to ASA 100, this in turn would reduce the dominant reddish effect of the film. But to get a more yellow, gold results, or to just get a surprising color result, you can change the setting of your camera’s aperture. Continue reading Get a result that brings out a yellow/gold effect

I saw…a Natura Classica with Charlene Choi!

A MTV of Charlene Choi using the Fujifilm Natura Classica!

Try to spot it from her MTV ^^ Hope you notice it as well!~
Continue reading I saw…a Natura Classica with Charlene Choi!