The LC-A Krab – Your LC-A and LC-Wide’s Bathing Suit

Summer’s here! Which means seaside madness and fun water fights! If you’re a proud owner of a LC-A or LC-Wide, you’ll surely want to bring it along to capture your most splashy moments! So put on its bathing suit and let it safely capture the view with the LC-A Krab! Continue reading The LC-A Krab – Your LC-A and LC-Wide’s Bathing Suit

We’ve Moved!

The Click Shop is excited to announce its move to a beautiful turquoise semi-detached house! Continue reading We’ve Moved!

Street Art in Penang by Ernest Zacharevic

For your next “Cuti-Cuti Malaysia” location, do keep Penang in mind. Keep a lookout for Ernest Zacharevic‘s work hidden around Penang Heritage area. Continue reading Street Art in Penang by Ernest Zacharevic

Creating Panoramas

Doing something different with your camera is fun and experimental and doesn’t have to be hard to get great results! Creating a panorama is simple and you can use ANY kind of camera and any film. Continue reading Creating Panoramas

New Sprocket Rocket SuperPOP! Cameras

Say hello to the latest bright and bold Sprocket Rocket cameras which come in Teal, Azure, Pinkand Red. Eye-popping candy colors are matched by their fantastic panoramic lenses to create 18 exposures in each 35mm film roll. Continue reading New Sprocket Rocket SuperPOP! Cameras

What is a pinhole camera?

A pinhole camera is very easy to make yourself, although it can also be bought. Basically, it is a light-tight box with a tiny pinhole on one side (made with a needle) and photo paper or film on the other side (taped to the box). No lens, battery or automatic operation is used. A pinhole camera can be constructed from a can, container or tea can. The vessel used could also be a coffee pot, for instance. Continue reading What is a pinhole camera?

Tips For Multiple Exposures

One of the best things about a Holga / Diana is that the shutter release is independent from the winding mechanism. This makes multiple exposures very easy to do. To take a double exposure, take your first picture, then instead of winding on after your first, immediately take another picture. Continue reading Tips For Multiple Exposures

The Camera Collection

antonio vicentini //

billy brown //

ben hantoot // Continue reading The Camera Collection

Photo Of The Week 04 – Multiple Exposure

Double expose, triple expose, multi-expose fun!

Show us your best multiple exposure shots. Continue reading Photo Of The Week 04 – Multiple Exposure

Photo of the Week #3

Wow, how time passes! It’s the third installation and it’s Black & White time… Continue reading Photo of the Week #3

Photo of the Week #2

You know the drill, so get shooting 🙂 Continue reading Photo of the Week #2

Remember to Twist and Pull …La Sardina

Before you take your very first shots with La Sardina, you’ll need to load the camera with 35mm film. Some La Sardina Editions arrive with the lens locked. To prepare the camera for shooting with these editions, Continue reading Remember to Twist and Pull …La Sardina

Get a result that brings out a yellow/gold effect

Here’s what you can do. If your redscale film is at ISO 400 or even ISO 200, you can set down your camera to ASA 100, this in turn would reduce the dominant reddish effect of the film. But to get a more yellow, gold results, or to just get a surprising color result, you can change the setting of your camera’s aperture. Continue reading Get a result that brings out a yellow/gold effect

Why Black & White Photography?

Some things just look better in black & white. You can everyday objects and scenes around you interesting. What might appear boring when shot in color suddenly becomes fascinating when captured in black and white. Continue reading Why Black & White Photography?

Diana F+ Magic Bundle!

It’s time for school holidays. Bring out your Diana cameras from your closet and start shooting instant! It’s the ultimate add-on for your Diana cameras, the instant back+. So add-on to your collection of Diana f+ accessories and get it today with our awesome promo! Continue reading Diana F+ Magic Bundle!

My Best Holiday Photo Contest

Prizes: Sprocket Rocket Superpop!

TWO winners will be selected:
1 (one) winner who get the most “Likes” on our Facebook page.
1 (one) winner will be selected by TCS team. Continue reading My Best Holiday Photo Contest

Want to surprise someone with a (very) special gift?

FUUVI [JP], a Tokyo-based design company is selling a point-and-shoot camera that comes in the form of a juice, milk & cigarette box (of all things). This Juice Box Camera does not carry Juice, it’s  contains FILM and take great pictures! Continue reading Want to surprise someone with a (very) special gift?

Expired Film, Why?

Back in the 1990s the concept of shooting on expired film seemed crazy. You wouldn’t buy or drink an expired carton of milk, right? Nuts!!!

With the advent of Lomography and other companies promoting fun, plastic cameras, the new breed of film shooter seems less rigid and has embraced shooting expired film for the various funky colors and effects it can produce.

Expired films is cheap (or may be free) and can produce some wonderfully wild results when developed – Sometimes you’ll get faded, vintage effects; sometimes you’ll get interesting color shifts. It just out of your expectation. Remember, Lomography is a surprising diversion to your egghead-life and will enlighten you with true, simple and wonderful revelations. The expectation part is what we never care about. Try an expired film and you won’t know what to expect – And that’s why we love it!


A Photography project by Superheadz!

“写真会/shashinkai” initially started out as our Friday night photography/drinking session, closed to public. Instead of choosing which one every staff likes, or having everyone comment on all of the selected photos, Continue reading “写真会/shashinkai”