X Johor Bahru Camera Meet

Meet up with fellow analogue camera enthusiast and the people from FilmNeverDie all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Drop by, bring your film cameras and say hi!

Location: Johor Bahru, Exact Location TBC (check the facebook event page for more updates)
Date: 1st February 2015
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The Camera Collection

antonio vicentini //

billy brown //

ben hantoot // Continue reading

Move with the Actionsampler

The Actionsampler is perfect for getting those “surprise” moments of your friends as you shoot them with a burst of flash! The four frames shows even the subtlest changes in movement so be sure to keep an open eye for interesting actions. Continue reading

10 Creative ways to display photos & art

“Check out the rest of these inspiring ideas for creative ways to display photos and art in your home or workspace. Enjoy!” xo Ez

creature comforts blog Continue reading

Remember to Twist and Pull …La Sardina

Before you take your very first shots with La Sardina, you’ll need to load the camera with 35mm film. Some La Sardina Editions arrive with the lens locked. To prepare the camera for shooting with these editions, Continue reading

Vote For Your Favorite Shot!

Thanks to everyone who participated in <My Best Holiday> Photo Contest!

We have stop accepting entries. Now it’s time to vote. Check out the photo album and vote for your favorite shot by clicking “LIKE”. The voting period will be closed at 5:30pm, 31st March 2012 (Saturday) and two winners will be announced on 3rd April 2012 (Tuesday). Continue reading

Get a result that brings out a yellow/gold effect

Here’s what you can do. If your redscale film is at ISO 400 or even ISO 200, you can set down your camera to ASA 100, this in turn would reduce the dominant reddish effect of the film. But to get a more yellow, gold results, or to just get a surprising color result, you can change the setting of your camera’s aperture. Continue reading

Why Black & White Photography?

Some things just look better in black & white. You can everyday objects and scenes around you interesting. What might appear boring when shot in color suddenly becomes fascinating when captured in black and white. Continue reading

I saw…a Natura Classica with Charlene Choi!

A MTV of Charlene Choi using the Fujifilm Natura Classica!

Try to spot it from her MTV ^^ Hope you notice it as well!~
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Diana F+ Magic Bundle!

It’s time for school holidays. Bring out your Diana cameras from your closet and start shooting instant! It’s the ultimate add-on for your Diana cameras, the instant back+. So add-on to your collection of Diana f+ accessories and get it today with our awesome promo! Continue reading


A Photography project by Superheadz!

“写真会/shashinkai” initially started out as our Friday night photography/drinking session, closed to public. Instead of choosing which one every staff likes, or having everyone comment on all of the selected photos, Continue reading

Wild At Heart – New Lomography Valentines Cameras

Had enough of tacky pink hearts and clichéd cuteness? Feel your inner beast craving for some wild action? Steer yourselves away from saccharine-sweetness and take a bolder approach this Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

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