Festival Belia Putrajaya 2015 x Click Collective

Festival Belia Putrajaya’s theme for 2015 is all about “Showcase of Talent”, which coincides with Rakan Muda’s new philosophy to facilitate talent development for the youth. Continue reading Festival Belia Putrajaya 2015 x Click Collective

Polaroid Resurrection

If you are in Melbourne, Australia drop by Photonet Gallery for the very first Polaroid exhibition by FilmNeverDie. Check out the event page in Facebook. See you there!

Continue reading Polaroid Resurrection

TCSxRakanMuda: Polaroid Art Workshops

We are collaborating with Rakan Muda to conduct Polaroid Art Workshops all around Malaysia! Continue reading TCSxRakanMuda: Polaroid Art Workshops

Happy Birthday, Dr. Land!

Edwin Herbert Land, the inventor of Polaroid cameras and film, was born 105 years ago today in Bridgeport Connecticut. Until his death, in 1991, he was a dominant figure in American science, invention and business. Continue reading Happy Birthday, Dr. Land!

We’ve Moved!

The Click Shop is excited to announce its move to a beautiful turquoise semi-detached house! Continue reading We’ve Moved!

Here’s The Man Who Inspired Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs idolized Edwin Land, and it’s clear he learned a lot from him. Continue reading Here’s The Man Who Inspired Steve Jobs

34 Years Expired Instant Film

When a fine art and portrait photographer in Belgium got his hands on a box of large-format instant film that has been expired for 34 years, he decided to use it to take a portrait of a subject who was as old as the film. We know you’re curious to find out how the encounter went, so go ahead and read on! Continue reading 34 Years Expired Instant Film

Portraits Of Olympic Dreams

Polaroid film was introduced to the world in 1948 by Edwin Land. It will cease production this year, ending an era. Although digital photography has replaced most traditional methods, the opportunity to work with film, producing one-of-a-kind imagery that cannot be made with a motor drive camera, offers a creative challenge that many photographers will miss once the stockpile of Polaroid film is gone. Continue reading Portraits Of Olympic Dreams

Px70 NIGO on Polaroid 600 camera!

Everyone got very excited when the creator of Bathing Ape, decided to partner with Impossible Project to come out with limited edition Polaroid films! Continue reading Px70 NIGO on Polaroid 600 camera!

Classic Polaroid SX-70 Advertisement

A classic commercial for the Polaroid Instant-Photo camera. This commercial dates from around 1980, maybe earlier. Commercial has good picture quality.
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PX70 Color Shade By NIGO

Nigo is a Japanese music producer, DJ, owner of BAPE sounds record label, host of his own MTV Japan show, creator of the urban clothing line A Bathing Ape, collector of Warhol Polaroids as well as dozens of colorfully customized Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Continue reading PX70 Color Shade By NIGO

Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera – Pre-oder Available Now!

Sharing photos instantly is as easy as snap and print with the Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera. Using the full-function digital camera and integrated printer, photo printing becomes as mobile as photo taking, recapturing the magic of instant photography. Continue reading Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera – Pre-oder Available Now!

Photo Of The Week 07

Instant pictures RaWks!

The Camera, Short Film By Peter Lewis

The Camera is a beautiful 7-minute-long short film by amateur filmmaker Peter Lewis about a solitary girl who finds a creepy mysterious Polaroid camera in an abandoned beach house. It’s the first film Lewis has completed, he singlehandedly managed all the stages of production, including composing the original score, creating the foley sounds, and editing the film in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading The Camera, Short Film By Peter Lewis

The First Polaroid Camera!

See how the First Polaroid camera ever was invented! Continue reading The First Polaroid Camera!

IMPOSSIBLE shots by bibimirage

If you love Polaroid pictures as much as I do, visit bibi’s facebook page or her flickr! There are some film shots as well. Continue reading IMPOSSIBLE shots by bibimirage


The Impossible factory is located in Building Noord (North) of the former Polaroid plant in Enschede. Since its early days this impressive black and white striped building has been the heart of the film production plant, housing the giant production machines. Continue reading The IMPOSSIBLE Factory!

He Documented His Life With Polaroid For 18 Years Till Death

Jamie Livingston (October 25, 1956 – October 25, 1997) was a NewYork-based photographer, film maker and circus performer. Between March 31, 1979 and October 25, 1997, the day of his death, he took a single picture nearly every day with a Polaroid SX-70 camera. Continue reading He Documented His Life With Polaroid For 18 Years Till Death


In February 2008, Polaroid announced that it was ceasing production of instant film. ‘TIME ZERO’ is a documentary that tells the story of the last year of Polaroid film in three acts. Act I introduces the magic of Polaroid through the perspective Continue reading TIME ZERO Trailer

Impossible TIP: Avoiding The Notorious Undeveloped Patch

PX 680 Color Shade FF as well as Silver Shade pictures may display a small undeveloped patch at the top of image area when used in folding type cameras (such as the SLR 680/ 690 and SX 70 cameras with an ND filter). Continue reading Impossible TIP: Avoiding The Notorious Undeveloped Patch