Women Are Heroes, JR incredible large photography event

An undercover photographer who (keep) his real name invisible and make famous with the initial of JR, his work in photography has transforms pictures into large posters and makes open space photo galleries out on the streets and buildings.

An acute observer of our time, using a camera he found once in the subway, JR finds inspiration in informal encounters during his travels and his intuitions. And since 2004, he has been working on the 28 millimeters project, which its first part – Portrait of a generation – led him up to the New York Times front page.

What you see here now are some of his 3rd stage of the 28 millimeters project, Women Are Heroes. The Women project wants to underline their pivotal role and to highlight their dignity by shooting them in their daily lives and posting them on the walls of their country.

The goal is once again to reach the limits of Art in a closed social and cultural environment and watch the reaction of the local population. More of his photos can be seen on womenareheroes website.

via shearyadi

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