World’s Largest Fully-Functioning Holga Camera

The folks at Arizona-based Artseye Gallery loaded their head-height Holga with 30×30-inch photographer paper, packed it into a two-horse trailer and took their camera on the road. 

The giant Holga has the same dimensions as they toy camera, except that it’s 20 times larger in size.

“The most challenging aspect of working with it is actually moving it from site to site,” photographer Francois Robert, who was invited to use the giant Holga to take pictures, said. “Luckily, the camera fits inside a two-horse trailer, though just barely.”

The camera was loaded with 30×30-inch photographic paper—and to load it, someone needed to climb into it.

Exposure takes 1-2 minutes per shot, depending on the type of paper (black & white, or color).

World’s Largest Fully-Functioning Holga Camera

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