Have you held something in your hand and you can just feel intrigued by the stories it carry? That was the case when I held my dad’s Nikon EM up and looked through the viewfinder for the first time.

I was 14, and “that was the camera I brought along when your mom and I went on dates,” he added when he passed me the black camera. I knew it then that film photography and film cameras are something that tells stories that excites me. They are going to tell my story. They will be my story.

The Click Shop has always been the home of analog photography and all things Polaroid since the founding year of 2008. We were the enthusiasts that have a special something for film photography in the digital era. Now that we are under a new management, we are also the story seekers that have a love for all the stories behind each photo taken.

Take your time to browse through our lil' shop, take your time to talk to us, take your time to share your stories; Share your passion, share your stories and share your love.

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