Canon EOS1000 FN (Serial number 4331190)

Canon EOS1000 FN (Serial number 4331190)

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Canon EOS1000N is a newer revision of the 1992 Canon EOS 1000 line, and the flash version of the camera was called Canon EOS1000 FN (hence the F).

Improvements include:

  • A new shutter capable of a faster 1/2000s.

  • The film advance and rewind mechanization with a significant reduction in audible noise.

  • The mode dial also contains a setting SF for soft focus.

  • Can play four different chimes during the count down.

Takes one 6V 2CR5 lithium battery.

This particular camera have a 9/10 cosmetic condition, both front and back. The hand grip is still nice and sturdy with no stickiness, and the LCD works perfectly.

All functions and features are tested; shutter speed fires accurately and high and low speed; flash fires as it should.