Canon EOS500 (Serial number 8343867)

Canon EOS500 (Serial number 8343867)


The Canon EOS 500 was produced from September 1993 until 1996, as part of Canon’s EOS system.

Takes two 3V CR123A lithium batteries.

This particular sample is in 6/10 cosmetic condition. You can see some paint or glue sticking on the camera body and the front hand grip is quite sticky, however it should be easily cleaned with a little alcohol rub or it will eventually subside with frequent use of the camera.

All functions and features are tested - shutter speed fires accurately at high and low speed; flash fires as it should.

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  • Type: 35mm film SLR

  • Picture format: 24mm X 36mm (standard 35mm film format)

  • Lens mount: Canon EF lens mount

  • Focus: TTL Phase Detection Autofocus

  • Exposure: Composite SPC for TTL full-aperture metering (6-zone evaluative, 9.5% partial at center, and center-weighted averaging)

  • Flash: Built-in flash

  • Frame rate: 1 frame per second

Key features:

  • Uses electronic vertical travel focal plane shutter with speeds from 30s to 1/2000.

  • Built-in pop up flash with a GN of 12. (Flash sync is at 1/90 a sec).

  • Metering system features silicon photo diode with evaluative, central partial and center-weighted average metering modes. The meter has a range of 2 to 20 EV at (ASA 100, 50mm f/1.4), and can be set for film speeds from 6 to 6400 ISO.

  • The mode dial is used for exposure modes which includes, aperture priority, shutter priority, depth of field AE, manual exposure and a program mode with scene selections such as portrait, landscape, close-up, sports, and night.

  • Exposure compensation modes is available from -2 to +2 in 1/2 stops.

  • Automatic film loading and prewinds the film onto the take-up spool (the exposure counter is downward counting)

  • Film advances up to 3 frames per second.