Fujicolor Industrial 100 Color Negative Film (36 exposures)

Fujicolor Industrial 100 Color Negative Film (36 exposures)


Generally only sold to Japan market in bulk, the Fujicolor 業務記錄用 translated from Japanese literally means “for business use”. In other cases, it is also known as the Fuji Industrial. You can feel the industrial design the moment you see the packaging, lacking any fancy color except for the classic Fujifilm green on the paper box. ⠀

If portrait is your kind of thing, this may not be your type of film. The film developed with C-41 process renders a heightened reds and greens - making it less than ideal for portrait work. However, the beautiful reds and greens also mean that this film is going to be a decent choice for landscape photography; or street shooting on duller days. ⠀

The sharpness, clarity and fine grain are all well and good, but it’s the colours – again, the reds in particular – that are the most remarkable. It's no wonder our team member Kae can't stop recommending the film to anybody he came across. ⠀

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