Minolta Dynax 500si (Serial number 92803994)

Minolta Dynax 500si (Serial number 92803994)


Minolta Dynax 500si was introduced in the year 1994, and it was also used as a test bed for APS film development. It had additional APS frame markings in the finder and modified film opening on the camera back, but used APS sized film loaded into 135 fiim canisters.

Takes one 2CR5 6V Lithium battery

This particular sample is in decent cosmetic condition, scoring a 7/10. All the plastics are holding up quite well and shows no sign of age. The LCD screen is a bit scratched but it works perfectly fine.

All functions and features are tested; shutter speed fires accurately at high and low speed; flash fires as it should.

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  • Type: Autofocus system single lens reflex camera body

  • Manufacturer: Minolta

  • Year of launch: 1994

  • Film type: 35mm film with speeds ASA 25 to ASA 5000, DX film speed acknowledgement

  • Lens mount: Minolta AF mount

  • Metering: 2 Si photo diodes, one for flash TTL control, EV 1 to 20

  • Focusing: 1-CCD TTL phase detection autofocus

  • Programs: landscape, sports, macro, portrait and night portrait

  • Modes: program, fully automatic, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual settings

  • Flash: for wide-angle (28mm), guide number 12, flash sync shutter speed 1/90 sec

  • Shutter: focal plane shutter with speeds from 30sec to 1/2000sec plus bulb mode, 1 image/sec

  • Film advance: fully automatic morotorized advance and rewind

  • Display: LCD

  • Viewfinder: pentaprism, magnification 0.75, 90% of image frame

  • Battery: 2CR5 6V Lithium battery

  • Dimensions: 147×92×66mm

  • Weight: 395g