Nikon F70 (Serial number 2002785)

Nikon F70 (Serial number 2002785)


Nikon F70 was introduced in the year 1994, and known for its unusual user interface which uses a combination of function and set buttons along with the thumb wheel to navigate the nestled setting - kind of a weird kid on the Nikon block.

Takes two 3V CR123A (or DL123) lithium batteries.

This particular sample is in pristine cosmetic condition, both front and back. With a little cleaning up, it almost looks like it just time traveled from the 90s.

All functions and features are tested; shutter speed fires accurately at high and low speed; flash fires as it should.

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  • Type: Integral-motor autofocus 35mm single-lens reflex

  • Picture format: 24mm X 36mm (standard 35mm film format)

  • Lens mount: Nikon F mount

  • Focus modes: Autofocus, and manual with electronic rangefinder

  • Autofocus area: Wide and Spot selectable

  • Autofocus modes: Single Servo AF, Continuous Servo AF

  • Focus tracking: automatically activated when subject moves

  • Autofocus detection system: Nikon CMA274 autofocus module

  • Autofocus detection range: Approx. EV-1 to EV19 (at ISO 100)

  • Autofocus lock: Possible once stationary subject is in focus in single Servo AF

Key features includes:

  • 3D Matrix with eight-segment matrix sensor

  • Built-in retractable flash with 3D Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash

  • Vari-Program [P] system

  • Large LCD information, coordinated in shape and color, with the control buttons