Polaroid 636 CloseUp

Polaroid 636 CloseUp


The Polaroid 636 CloseUp, or the Polaroid 600 Onestep Closeup was first released in the early 1990s, evolving the Polaroid 600s of the '80s with a slightly rounded-off edges and a closeup lens allowing you to shoot from as close as 2 feet away. Its simple design makes it a great camera for instant photography beginners – not to mention selfie addicts.

Takes 600 series films

This particular sample is in 8.5/10 cosmetic condition. While the flash cover is getting a hint of yellowish tinge, the overalls of the camera is in a beautiful condition. The rubber eyepiece on the back of the viewfinder is still soft and does not show a sign of melt.

Comes with its original paper box.

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Technical specifications:

  • Lens: 116 mm f/11 Single-element

  • With Close-up lens 0.6-1.2m

  • Shutter: electronic; range around 1/4 - 1/200 sec

  • Exposure system: programmed automatic

  • Built-in electronic flash with override button.

  • Black plastic body - flash unit flips down to protect lens and controls.