We are really lucky to still be here, despite all odds. So, thank you. Really, thank YOU.

New website, new stages.

Good news!

Our website has just been revamped completely using a new host and therefore it has opened up a great deal of new opportunities for us to serve the film community better.

First and foremost, we have finally come to this stage where we are comfortable enough to do so for all of our supporters, and more importantly, to show our gratitude for all of you. The Click Shop is finally doing free shipping for all orders over RM100; and no more fooling around or doing manual ordering to make sure you get the free shipping. From here on now, it is built into our website and it will be applied to your order automatically! Best part still? We have even included a bar on top of the webpages to do the math for you! ;)

Secondly, one of the feedback that we have always gotten is the fact that we could only take Paypal or Credit card on our previous website. After one year of relying on that, partly working with some of our hardworking team members doing the old school ways, we have integrated new payment methods and options on our new website. Paypal is still here, credit card too. But now we have bank transfer, FPX, and DuitNow. Cash On Delivery option is also available for our friends in Penang!

Last but not least, we have also built in a custom forms for all of you film shooters out there to share your photos with us. From the first day of The Click Shop's revival back in 2018, we have always repeated ourselves, saying how much we love to see your photos and listen to the stories behind. Only now, it is going to be much easier for you to share with us! With the custom form, you can attached up to 20 different photos to build your own story line, or to build your own series. Your photos, your stories, your call. Just go to our homepage and click Feature Submission and start sharing!

The road to perfecting our systems to better serve you all has never been easy, but we just took one major step ahead. We appreciate all the support and kind words that you guys have given us along the way. Striving for betterment, we sincerely thank you for all the criticisms, too!

For the lack of better words, thank you.

The Click Shop

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