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  • The Go create project: Nicole McLaughlin on using less to create more.

    For New York-based designer Nicole McLaughlin, crafting eye-catching, one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces is simply second nature. From a pair of heels that double as a vegetable peeler to a streetwear-esque vest made from frozen waffles, her pieces are bound to inspire (or make you hungry).
  • The Go create project: Arlo Parks on inspiration.

    As part of the Go create project, Polaroid have partnered with some of the most exciting contemporary creators to get a close-up on the creative process in all its shapes and colors. For this project, we’re thrilled to announce our next creator in the series: the soulful British singer/songwriter/sensation, Arlo Parks.

  • The Go create project: Mei Kawajiri on staying unique.

    For New York-based nail artist Mei Kawajiri, staying true to her creative inclinations is what makes her successful. Whether it's creating a custom nail look for her celebrity clients, or just taking photos of her and her friends - she knows the importance of remaining true to herself. 
  • The Go create project: Madrona Redhawk on creating for yourself.

    Bobby pins, plastic forks, or the toe of a cowboy boot. For Madrona Redhawk her next beauty look doesn't need a blush brush, it needs whatever's in front of you. The Las Vegas teen is known for her make-up-meeets-performance-art content where she turns everyday items into tools for artistic transformation. 
  • Create outside the box with Round Frame

    Whether you’re about to buy your first pack or are a die-hard fan, Round Frame instant film gets the inspiration flowing. To guide you on your wa...
  • Polaroid Originals 600 B&W Film (White Frame)

    After the big launching for the Polaroid Originals 600 White Frame Color Film last week, there is still a little something that keeps bugging me. ...
  • Polaroid Originals 600 Color Film (White Frame)

    70 days ago, on the 2nd of October 2019, we announced that something is developing on our Instagram @theclickshop. Months after Polaroid Original...