We are really lucky to still be here, despite all odds. So, thank you. Really, thank YOU.

Polaroid Originals 600 Color Film (White Frame)

70 days ago, on the 2nd of October 2019, we announced that something is developing on our Instagram @theclickshop.
Months after Polaroid Original announced the cease of production for Spectra films, weeks after Kodak announced the price adjustment, trade wars between US and China, the political movements in Hong Kong, all of these ar eeach taking a toll on our business, and hurting us directly and indrectly in methods we did not see coming. It wasn't easy at all.
100 days. That's how long we were lost. That's how long the Polaroid Originals 600 Color Film (White Frame) was out of stock in our shop. With the launch of our new website, there can't seem to be a better time that this, and I can't wait to say: Look who's back, baby. 
A little bit about the 600 series. 
Just like the camera it goes with, 600 film is straightforward and easy to use. There are no better words to descirbe it than "classic", and "original". Of course, it is the classic white frame that inspired Instagram in the first place and it represents more than just a photos for millions of peple who grew up with it. 
At ISO640, it captures photos in a rich spectrum of color, texture and tone. Couples that with the iconic white border, every photo it creates is unique; unpredictable, imperfect and simply impossible to reproduce. 
In the pack of 8, every photos comes in a 4.2" X 3.5" (107mm X 88mm) format. However, what goes in that 3.1" X 3.1" (79mm X 79mm) square? Well, we leave that part to you.