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Polaroid Originals 600 B&W Film (White Frame)

After the big launching for the Polaroid Originals 600 White Frame Color Film last week, there is still a little something that keeps bugging me.

The thing is, there is something you should know about me. I am a B&W shooter. I love Tri-X, I love simplistic monochromatic photos, I have been known to be the guy who shoots a little bit too much black and white photos, and I am that sort of guys who thinks that the Leica M Monochrom, a digital camera that shoots only B&W, makes perfect sense. When I reach out to the fridge to pick up a fresh roll or pack of films, I always reach for something like TMAX or Tri-X, before I got stared at and forced to pick up some colour films.

(Yes, honey, I know. The cafe is pink, not shades of grey.)

Naturally, when I shoot Polaroids, its not the colour films that attracts me the most. The deep blacks, the bright whites, and a million shades in between are more than enough to capture my attention. Wandering on the streets, I am always attracted by how the lights reflect and deflect off a certain building; Attending late-night parties, the simplicity of facial expressions untainted by the complicated lighting scenarios. Coming in the same "classic" white frame, it will exude certain timelessness to whatever is shot in the frames. One single click, that's all the material you need to tell the tales of the legendary night. The other seven left in the pack? Well, that's up for you to decide.

Speaking like a true B&W shooter, you can call me crazy all you want: but when it was done right? A million shades of grey are all I need on my palette to paint a beautiful canvas.