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Create outside the box with Round Frame

Whether you’re about to buy your first pack or are a die-hard fan, Round Frame instant film gets the inspiration flowing. To guide you on your way, we’ve called on three artists to give you their top Round Frame tips from idea through to experimentation.

Reframe your approach.

“The circle is a form without beginning and end. This is how your creativity should be: let yourself go, experiment, and never set yourself limits.”

- Alessia Amati, @alewino

“If you think about it, human vision is rather spheric. It is round for sure. Not a horizontal or a vertical rectangle. A round frame is the best way to show what you see.”

- Urizen Freaza, @urizenfreaza 


Own the circle.

“Imagine using a magnifying glass. Dig deep into emotions, colors, and time to create shots that will then speak for themselves.”

- Alessia Amati, @alewino
“For this photo, I was trying to isolate one element and repeat it, covering the whole circle of the frame to make it feel infinite. I built a little kaleidoscope with 3 mirrors and centered it on the eye. I then used a ring light to reflect the light into the eye. What came out is a portrait with a single eye that is looking back at you.”

- Urizen Freaza, @urizenfreaza

Check your frame.

“Don't put the main subject in the center unless you want to put it in the center. Turn the camera around, if the composition is the right one, it will still work! It might even improve. And this is pretty obvious, but remember, the stuff on the corners of the viewfinder won't be there!”

- Urizen Freaza, @urizenfreaza

Go to the edge — and beyond.

“The round frame gives a lovely focus on the face, so for the portrait of Romaya I decided to keep it simple. With a white backdrop and bright, even lighting we can really just focus on her gorgeous face! This also leaves a lot of space to play about on the surface of the Polaroid photo, so I jazzed it up using some acrylic markers.”

- Eli Beristain, @eli.beristain
“Take advantage of white! Just like a sheet of paper, your Polaroid photo can become whatever you want.”

- Alessia Amati, @alewino